Thermo-auricular therapy
Thermo-auricular therapy is perhaps better known as Hopi ear candling

The candle creates a light suction effect and a vacuum is created within the ear. Inducing a feeling of balance of pressure within the ears and sinus. Thermo-auricular therapy / Hopi ear candling is helpful for earache, sinuitus, headaches and many other ailments. Suitable for children. An excellent pain free alternative to syringing.

45 mins £35.00


Reiki is a simple, practical hands on healing technique. Access the universal life energy of reiki and feel its power to bring peace and balance to mind, body and spirit.

Full body healing

1 hour £40.00

Crystal chakra balancing

This balances the seven major energy centres or chakras, of the body. By using selected crystals to be placed on or above these areas energy flow is restored while you simply lie back and relax.

45 mins £35.00

Ear piercing

Ear piercing £11.00

Gift Vouchers

Treat someone special. Available for all treatments. Vouchers - £5 and £10 available.

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